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Frequently Asked Questions

 Do Map of Wander actually sell products?

    No. We do not sell any products. We are simply linking amazing products you can find on other websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc... while giving you -the Wanderer- a more cohesive way to remember and display your travel ventures.


Can you ship to my country?

   Since Map of Wander do not carry these items, it is best to check with the seller of the product for details and descriptions. We are only linking items and fun ideas that go well together and provide a route to purchase.


What is your return policy?

   Here at Map of Wander, we do not have any return policy because we do not sell any products. You will need to check or contact the store of which you purchased from.


The product you are linking is broken or no longer available. What does that mean?

   As Map of Wander is a site to explore, we do our best to keep an up to date link and do apologize if the link no longer works. Often times, products may be out of stock or have been completely taken off the market. If you do happen to come across any unsuccessful links, please Contact Us so we can fix and update as necessary.

We warmly thank you for informing us. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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